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4W10 - 3 Piece Justpack Toronto Design - 100% Polypropylene

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JustPack products are developed and designed in Europe, focusing on quality, functionality, and elegant design. For the best and most reliable material performance, we use hi-tech quality, 100% new, and fresh materials for our suitcases. All our hardshell body materials undergo a one-step production molding process to maintain this performance.


10 year worldwide limited warranty

For defective workmanship and materials, the guarantee does not cover destructive damage by airlines and other carriers. After travel, inspect the luggage/trolley case, and in the event of damage, immediately lodge a claim with the comer. The guarantee does not cover accidental damage or deterioration due to fair wear and tear.

UNBREAKABLE and sustainable 100 % Polypropylene, high impact, strong and flexible material performance.



Large 51.5 X 30 X 78 CM/ 4.5 kg/148 lbs

Medium 45.5 X 25 X 67 CM/3.6 kg/97 lbs

Small 38.5 X 21 X 56 CM / 2.6 kg/60 lbs


4 x Double wheels for more stability and better maneuvering, smooth rolling, 360'rotating Lightweight internal and retractable aluminous trolley system with push button locking handle.

TSA SECURE BUILT-IN COMBINATION LOCK With lockable zip pullers for more security.

INTERIOR packing system with double compartment divider and big mesh pocket section.

SURFACE PROTECTION The fine texture of the surface reduces damage significantly during travel.

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